Мария Монтесори & нейния метод

Д-р Мария Монтесори, италиански лекар и възпитател е основател на метода на обучение Монтесори. След като става първата жена лекар в Италия, тя работи много с деца и с голям интерес наблюдава тяхното естествено развитие и психология. През 1907 г. отваря първата си класна стая „Casa dei Bambini“ или Детска къща. В тази първа класна стая М. Монтесори наблюдава поведението на малките деца, което формира основата на нейния образователен метод.

Тя отбеляза периоди на дълбоко внимание и концентрация, непрекъснато повтаряща се дейност и чувствителност, рефлектираща околната среда. През 1909 г. Мария Монтесори написва „Метод на научна педагогика като приложение към детското обучение в детски домове „. Славата на Мария Монтесори, нейната Детска къща и метод бързо се разпространяват и днес методът на обучение Монтесори съществува благодарение на нейните нововъведения.

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По – малко



This is a special kind of consciousness through which the child absorbs everything from the environment. A different kind of consciousness than that of an adult. The child works unconsciously, is guided by an inner force and helps him to build himself. Absorbing from the environment, the impressions form it, become part of itself - culture, morality, etc.

Sensitive Periods

Sensitive periods cover the ages from birth to 6 years of age and represent this unique ability typical of children to learn new skills and knowledge absolutely unconsciously. These are periods of particular sensitivity to a given area or to certain elements of the environment.


The environment is organized for each stage of the development of
child to best meet their needs.
In the prepared environment, nothing is left to chance,
the child has the freedom to choose, but this freedom is relative because it is within a specifically structured framework.

Learning Materials


Since movement is vital for childrens development, it is encouraged in the montessori classroom as much as possible. Movement develops intelligence and, is an expression of willpower and allows the progressive building of the personality of the child.

Movement is the connection between the spirit and the world and brings the child greater self-confidence.


The role of a Montessori teacher is that of a leader. They must know how to create a harmonious and friendly atmosphere. Teachers must be able to observe the children in their natural process of development and delay their authoritarian impulse. They must show the child new materials so that he or she can make his or her own choice as to what they work on.

Key Benefits

Parent Reviews

За нас е удоволствие да говорим за детска градина „Les Petits Princes“. Бяхме в период на търсене на франкофонско учебно заведение за нашия син Марк, 4год., в което да се чувства обичан и подкрепян. Така намерихме детска градина „Les Petits Princes“, където ни посрещат топло и усмихнато всяка сутрин.
We did not think that our adventure with "Les petits princes" would last more than 10 years, and now it is part of our family. We want to thank the whole team for the unconditional love, friendship, patience and kindness with which our children were raised.
Gergana and Nikolay Mladenov
A thousand thanks to the entire team of "Les petits princes" for the wonderful attitude and the well-structured curriculum, with which Annie subtly and with pleasure enriched her knowledge and acquired new skills, so today she feels confident and ready for the challenges in the new school.
Alice and Anatoly
Heartfelt thanks to the whole team! The attention, patience and support you gave Ilianka contributed to her acceptance at Victor Hugo. In just 10 months, Ilianka learned things that took years of preparation and practice! Our child would come back with a smile and all the knowledge was presented to her in the form of play and fun.
Georgi, Violeta and Iliana
От сърце благодарим за подготовката и обучението на Айви. Направихте го с много любов и внимание към нея. Какво е? Радваме се, че избрахме „Малките принцове“, най-доброто място за всяко дете.
Огромно благодаря на целия екип и специално на Цвети, Анаис, Корин, Доминик и Тони.
Ivan and Desi
Here our children thrive in an appropriate learning environment with an educational, professional and caring team. Luca and Lea will keep a lasting memory and we, the parents, are proud to have made this choice. Thank you for believing in our children and helping them believe in their own abilities!
Lea, Luca, Olga and Medhi
We sincerely thank you for your care and love over the past 3 years. Your dedication to the profession and children is worthy of respect and admiration! We wish you to be healthy, infinitely happy and many more children in whose hearts you leave a lasting mark.
Sally and Joey