Our values

At Les Petits Princes montessori kindergarden, our goal is to create positive conditions that allow every child to develop intellectually, emotionally and as people. We teach children to be themselves and to understand themselves.

Our key values are respect, love for learning and appreciation of nature. We strive to instill these values in each of our children.

About us

French Immersion

Our kids learn to speak French by being completely immersed in a French atmosphere. We achieve this with the help of our French accredited and French speaking staff. Maria Montessori’s theory of sensitive periods recommends that children learn a second language before 7 years of age or as early as possible. To freely speak and understand a second language is our gift to our students.

Dominique Marie


Доминик Мари

"The first French kindergarten Les Petits Princes came from my desire to share the French language through innovative methods and offer it to children of all nationalities.

I started my career in France, in a children’s center, and have maintained my flair and desire to participate in the process of childcare, upbringing and training. I am extremely happy that I was able to create the Les Petits Princes children’s center."


director and educator




assistant educator


assistant educator

Our Staff

Our Professional, committed and dedicated Team:

Our teachers have a deep knowledge of early childhood and have passed a series of Montessori pedagogy courses and trainings. Their personal qualities, academic knowledge, and Montessori qualifications allow us to apply a personalized approach to help each child develop its potential.

An Educational & Fun Space

Les Petits Princes our French-Speaking, Montessori kindergarten is above all an a place of learning and fun. An place that makes way for fantasy, spontaneity and friendship. Children are immersed in this atmosphere and allowed to experience childhood and develop as people. They develop autonomy and a sense of responsibility through games and activities. With leadership and direction from our teachers, your child is free to choose his or her activities according to their own rhythm and stage of development. Of course all of this is done with respect to courtesy, care for the materials and hygiene.