Latin America has a wealth to offer in terms of distinctive ceremony sign meanings. Including these traditions in your service is give your guests a taste of their identity and give you the opportunity to bring some integrity to your day. Here are some traditional wedding symbols from Latin American society to think about including in your special day, from presenting a promise lamp to the conventional arras process.

The veiling meeting, also known as a Lazo, is one of the most well-known Latin wedding customs. During this ritual, the bridegroom or his mother drapes the bride’s light veil over her head to represent her virginity and commitment to him. A crucifix or silk thread known as an el lazo, which is placed around the handful in a unification ceremony to bind them together as one, is also frequently worn by the groom.

Similar to this, during the formal arras ceremony, the groom promises to aid his wife throughout their relationship by giving her 13 coins that are decorated with different models, including spiritual icons, household crests, and their last brands. The coins are then put in a tiny box or appreciate neck that is used both during and after the feast.

The ypres ceremony, where the wedding receives 13 gold pennies from her husband as a token of his commitment to support her throughout their marriage, is another deeply held custom. Last but not least, it’s customary for friends to throw grain or animal seeds over the newlyweds as they leave the church or civic festival web-site, which represents ovulation and fortune, rather than confetti or rose petals.

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